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The Penguin Podcast: War and Writing feat. Patrick Hennessey, Harry Sidebottom & Clive Aslet

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In today's podcast Patrick Hennessey, an ex-Grenadier Guards, takes over to talk about his experiences of being a soldier, which was the influence behind his two books The Junior Officers' Reading Club and KANDAK, and discusses the appeal of writing and reading about war.  Also featured in this podcast is A. L. Berridge talking about the Crimean War, which she used as the backdrop in her book Into the Valley of Death.  She is followed by a reading from Crusade, read by the author Stewart Binns before he discusses writing about the Crusades.  Next, Harry Sidebottom answers questions on his Warrior of Rome books including the latest and fifth book in the series The Wolves of the North.  Then, the author of War Memorial, Clive Aslet, discusses the importance of remembering the lives of soldiers who have fought and died for their country.


Featured Titles:

jacket image for The Junior Officers' Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey     jacket image for Into the Valley of Death by A L Berridge     jacket image for Crusade by Stewart Binns     jacket image for Warrior of Rome: The Wolves of the North by Harry Sidebottom     jacket image for War Memorial by Clive Aslet     jacket image for KANDAK by Patrick Hennessey

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Mr Hennessey, please please please product Kandak on audiobook! I really enjoyed listening to you read The Junior Officers' Reading Club!

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